Certified Private Driving School

To receive instruction, you must have a valid Learner's Permit or Driver's License and be able to use the vehicle provided and equipped by Max Laing Driving School, llc.

Behind-the-Wheel Training (current Gettysburg & Fairfield HS students)

  • $350 for 6 hours of supervised practice driving
  • Eligible for the PA Driver's Exam (administered by Mr. Laing in the 6th hour of training)
  • You must register for this 6-hour service in order to be eligible to have the driving test administered by Mr. Laing.
  • Gettysburg High School Students, who have completed, or are enrolled in the Driver Education classroom course, are eligible to take their PA Drivers License Examination on the PennDOT approved Gettysburg or Fairfield High School Driver Exam course. The exam cannot be administered until the 6th hour of training.
  • Eligible students must have 6 instructional hours to meet qualifications for auto insurance discounts and be eligible to receive a Senior license, as early as 17 ½. Upon successful completion of 6 hours, a Certificate of Completion will be provided, showing eligibility for these benefits.
  • Students may receive a discounted car insurance rate upon completion of this program in conjunction with the school's Safety and Driver Education class (contact your insurance company for more information).
  • Training includes:  steering, braking, backing, parallel parking, in-town driving, highway driving, country driving, evasive actions, railroad crossings, school bus safety.
  • For six hour behind-the-wheel sessions for current GHS/FHS students, payment of $175 is due at the start of the first lesson, and the balance ($175) is due at the beginning of the third hour.

Non-Gettysburg HS/Fairfield HS Students

  • $60/hour (minimum 2 hours)
  • Includes preparation for driving test at PennDOT, Gettysburg test site.
  • 6 total hours of supervised practice driving for individuals who are not current Gettysburg High School students at a rate of $60/hour ($360 total fee).  If the individual has also completed a 30-classroom hour course, an insurance discount may be available (please contact your insurance agent for availability).

PA Driving Exam Test Preparation

  • 2 total hours of supervised practice driving, which consists of:
  • 1 hour of parallel parking
  • 1 hour of PennDOT Gettysburg driving course review
  • $60/hour cost = $120 total
  • NOTE:  This service does not include a certificate of completion for an insurance discount.

Behind-the-Wheel Training (Gettysburg Area School District Residents--Private/Cyber School Students)

  • Same as "Gettysburg Area School District Students" (above), except must also take "online classroom class" in addition to six hours of behind-the-wheel training in order to be eligible for PA Driver's Exam (click on the Teen Driver Education link below--$99.95 cost for this course):
  • Eligible for the PA Driver's Exam (administered by Mr. Laing in the 6th hour of training)

Information and Rates

Max Laing Driving School

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The following is an Online Driver Education Class which meets the insurance discount requirement
​(in conjunction with the 6-hour behind-the-wheel training) for high school students who have not had a driver education classroom class.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express are all accepted.

Payment is due at the first hour of instruction for all hourly lessons.

Please make payment by cash/check to:  Max Laing Driving School, llc

Providing professional driving instruction

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